My Project Notes

Working with my hands to reclaim discarded materials has brought not just a renewal of old denim, but a renewal of my faith. 

Wondering how I got to be so cheesy and introspective? *wink*

Here’s a peek inside the process – my projects and the notes I’ve taken along the way.  Plus links to a few of my favorite patterns to use with upcycled fabric.


I had the honor of remaking a cherished, love worn quilt originally made out of the recipient’s grandmother’s clothing.

Quilting Memories

Some of my favorite projects include working with a loved one’s clothing to create pieces that will wrap the recipient in warmth and memories. Here’s quilt and baby booties set I made for a baby who had lost his grandpa before he was born.

Adventure Bags

A peek at the Adventure Bags I’ve made throughout the years.

Bluebirds for Mom

Beautiful projects often start with a beautiful recipient. This one was for my mom.

Hope Pouches

How the Hope Pouch was born and why sewing these sows hope in my own soul.

Birthday Baby Shoes

A lot about life, and a little bit about the baby booties pattern I hacked to make my son’s first birthday shoes.

Baptism Bonnet

A reclaimed pastor’s alb and fresh linen come together to make a bonnet with special meaning.

Memory Pillows

Leftover pieces of clothes from the baby quilt I shared above got turned into a double sided, appliqued pillow case and three scrap-filled throw pillows for a zero-waste memorial project.

Memory Quilt Set

A set of three memory quilts showcasing how pain-filled and happy memories alike shape who we are. And that love can be found.

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