How to Add Rounded Corners to a Zip Pouch

This tutorial is part of the “Build a Zip Pouch Series“, giving you the skills you need to sew custom zip pouches in a variety of styles and sizes. Links will be added to the series homepage (here!) as new tutorials go live.

Adding rounded corners at the bottom of you zip pouch can be an alternative to either the simple square corners or the more complicated boxed corners. And, luckily, it’s an easy process. Just follow a basic zip pouch tutorial, but prepare the corners as described below!

Curving the Corners

To prepare your fabric for rounded corners, place each lining and exterior piece on your cutting surface. You can do this after inserting the zipper (as I did in the example below) or before. You will be rounding the bottom two corners of each exterior and lining piece.

There are fancy rulers you can use for this step OR you can just grab a round object from around your sewing room (or kitchen) that has the curve you like! I’ve used a mug, plate, bowl, toilet paper roll, and whatever else has been handy. Right now I use a sticker from PureJoyCreative because it’s just the right curve, plus it brings a smile to my face :).

Place whatever round object you’ve chosen on the bottom edge of your fabric. Line up the sides of the pouch with the sides of the circle. Trace along the curve. I use a sharpie or pen since this line will be trimmed off after sewing. Air or water soluble fabric markers work well too.

Repeat the process on all four of the bottom corners (the corners not sewn into the zipper).

Sew your pouch together as you normally would, leaving a turning hole in the lining. When you approach the corners, follow along the marker line as if it was the edge of the fabric. Go slowly for a neat curve.Trim the seam allowance and clip along the curves.

Turn right side out. Roll the seams to neaten them, then sew the turning hole closed and you’re done!

  • It can be difficult to make curved corners lay nicely with especially bulky fabric. Keep that in mind when choosing which types of corners to use on your pouch!
  • Sew very slowly around the curves, trying not to stop/start at all to shift.
  • Consider shortening your stitch length slightly at the curves.

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