Feed Sack Apron

I was thrilled last summer when my dad passed some old feed sacks on to me from the farm where he grew up. As is custom in my sewing practice, the sacks sat for a bit while I contemplated how best to use them.

Side note: Finding the best, functional use of a vintage or heirloom textile is important to me. Maybe some day I’ll share a list of of the questions I consider during the “pondering process”!

I settled on an apron for my brother for Christmas. He’s a baker, building beautiful breads from yeast he gathered himself, so I thought a sturdy apron that reminded him of his roots (and our potato roll baking grandma) would be a perfect mix of useful and sentimental.

Turns out feed sacks are just the right fit for an apron pattern!

Project Notes on Feed Sack Apron:


  • 1 Yard Magic Apron pattern, free from Sew Can She.
    • I’ve used variations of this pattern for at least a dozen aprons, so I knew I could modify as needed to make it a good fit for this project. You can always just trace an apron that works well for you and avoid printing out a pattern!


  • Vintage feed sack (thanks Dad!)
  • Ticking (backing material) from a local antique shop
Faded feedsacks, but still in great condition. Yay!
My grandma mended this by hand many years ago! Swoon.


  • Examine and iron the feed sack as thoroughly as possible first. This will help you decide whether it will be a good fit for turning into an apron. Note holes and stains you’ll need to avoid.
  • To center the pattern on the front of the sack on the finished apron, cut directly down the middle of the back side of the feed sack and along the bottom hem to open it into a long rectangle of fabric.
  • Fold in half, centering the fold in the center of the logo/design, and place your apron pattern piece on top to check for placement before cutting. You can always make your apron longer or shorter depending on how much of the logo you’d like showing in the end.
  • Use the excess feed sack material as fabric for your ties as directed in the 1 Yard Magic Apron pattern. They’re nice and sturdy when folded bias tape style!
  • You can hem the feed sack as directed in the pattern if you feel your material is thick enough to be a functional apron on its own. I chose to use a backing piece instead and modify the pattern as follows:
    • Cut a backing piece the same size as the apron pattern.
    • With the feed sack pattern piece right side up, baste the apron ties in place and lay them towards the center of the fabric.
    • Place your backing material right side down on top of the feed sack piece and ties. Pin in place along all edges.
    • Sew around the perimeter with a 1/4″ – 1/2″ seam allowance, backstitching a couple of times over each tie piece. Make sure to leave a turning hole!
    • Trim the seam allowance as you’d like, then turn right side out. Iron the seams before topstitching all the way around, closing the turning hole as you stitch over it.

Together we can find more ways to reclaim fabric
and breathe meaning, joy, and life into our days.

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