Chit Chat Puppet Pattern Review

We have a special guest blogger today! My daughter spent the weekend making a puppet with the Chit Chat Puppet pattern by Abby Glassenberg. She’s here to share her thoughts on the pattern and process.

I love this puppet pattern by Abby Glassenberg Design!!! It is amazingly fun to do if you have spare time on your hands or just something for the grandkids if you run out of Christmas ideas 🙂 

I am twelve years old and made my puppet by myself (my mom only did one little thing!) and think that this pattern is all ages friendly. Of course five year olds would need a little more help than ten year olds- let’s be honest here- but after you are done, they are super fun to play with. You can finally talk to yourself without getting those “looks”!!

I did this in one day, it’s quick and easy like that, and ended with pretty much the exact version of the puppet I had thought of in my head. The pattern is easy to follow and very flexible. I could change her looks to anything I wanted to! I also found that if you zoom either in or out before printing, you could change the size of the pattern for either smaller or larger hands. 

I borrowed one of my sister’s doll dresses for my puppet. The more poof, the more it hides your hand!

My little sister asked for one for Christmas, my other sister said she was making one, and both my brothers just like her. (My puppet’s name is Charlotte.) I definitely think this pattern deserves a five-star review for all of the reasons stated above!!!

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