Talofa Kids Advent Wreath Pattern Notes

Last month, I had the opportunity to test Talofa Kids new Advent wreath pattern. The author, Britta Gandy, has been making these wreaths for years. I was thrilled when she put her creation into a pattern so that we can all sew them too!

Pattern Notes for the Talofa Kids Advent Wreath


  • I chose an old Army duffel for the wreath body. This is a heavier fabric than Britta suggests using, so it took a bit more effort to turn and doesn’t lay quite as flat as it would with the lighter fabric that’s supposed to be used.
  • Instead of sewing a hanging strap, I used a seam ripper to get the strap off of the duffel bag and used that. It wasn’t an easy task (seam ripping heavy fabric never is!), but it was well worth it.
  • For the leaves, I used scrap felt that a friend gave me. There were also a bunch of fall-looking colors in the bin, so I made the opposite side of the wreath with fall leaves.
  • I had hoped to stuff the wreath with fabric scraps, but the heavy canvas didn’t agree. Thankfully a friend had a bag of Poly-fil on hand.


  • My kids helped with tracing and cutting out all of the leaves and candle pieces. It was nice to be able to involve them in a project they’ll be using for many years to come.
  • Britta offers instructions for both hand stitching the leaves or machine sewing. I machine sewed the green side, then opted to free motion quilt the autumn leaves. I’ve been wanting to learn free motion quilting, and this was the perfect project to try it on!
  • Even though I’ve never sewn a wreath, the pattern instructions were clear and easy to follow.


  • This Advent wreath pattern shows you how to make a heirloom quality project. The kids in your life will love the tactile and interactive nature of a new Advent tradition.
  • Making the wreath reversible was an easy way to be able to use the wreath even longer throughout the year. Plus, my son is always pestering me to decorate more for fall. Win win :).
  • There’s nothing quite like using reclaimed materials to make a project pointing to Christ. Meaningful sewing always make me smile!
  • Britta even includes devotions to use with your family during the Advent season. Such a thoughtful addition to the pattern.

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