Patchworks of Grace + Mending Notes

What beauty there is in mending.

In having a tangible reminder of the work Christ does in us and for us every day.

And, even after the painstaking work has been done, knowing we’ll be going back for more when what was previously restored is torn apart once again.

Yes, we will never be fully renewed this side of heaven.

But each stitch can bring us closer to Him.

We are all walking patchworks of God’s grace.

Mending Session Notes:

These jeans were first mended several months ago by using patches on the interior and machine darning on the exterior. I didn’t have to worry about how they looked in the end because their function was simply for around the home. For this mending session, I opted for iron on patches on the outside, followed by machine darning. Here are my observations:

  • My machine doesn’t darn well through an iron-on patch. There was a lot of needle sticking and stitch skipping. I’m not sure if this is typical of all machines, though.
  • Making designs is fun! I’ll definitely be working on more free-motion stitching so I can add little designs in during the mending process. I added a messy looking bouquet of poppies on the left knee :).
  • Always start darning with a full bobbin. Or you might end up switching bobbins 3 times in half an hour like I did.

Together we can find more ways to reclaim fabric
and breathe meaning, joy, and life into our days.

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