Sewing with Kids – First Projects

Is your kiddo ready to sew a project and you’re not sure where to start? Here are some of my favorite beginning sewing projects that are just right for little hands.

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I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again: I’m so glad you’re interested in teaching a kiddo how to sew. It takes a bit of time and a lot of patience, but seeing a child’s eyes light up with joy as they build a life skill makes it worth the effort!


Pillowcases are a great place to begin sewing. Plus they’re useful! Win. Win. Here’s my favorite pillowcase method and the one my kids started with while taking a class at our local quilt shop. To make this tutorial even easier, you can leave out the accent strip of fabric.

An envelope pillow cover is a another great, simple option! My kids helped me make a million and one of these for their dad’s birthday one year.

Framed Hand Embroidery

Take hand embroidery projects and frame them in the hoop for an easy and beautiful way to display your child’s work. Don’t forget that the handiwork doesn’t need to be perfect to warrant display! Here’s a good tutorial to get you in the right “frame” of mind.

Tote Bags

Like pillowcases, tote bags are simple and useful things to sew. You child can even add his or her own embroidery to make it unique! Here’s a simple tote bag pattern to to start with.


Headbands, bookmarks, and pencil holders are great ways to use up scraps and let your child sew something he or she can use on a daily basis.

Patchwork Quilt

When you’re ready to move on to a bigger project, a patchwork quilt is a fun project with a child. It takes more time, but has such a gratifying, confidence boosting end result! I have a series of quilting posts here that break every step down for you if you haven’t quilted before. My posts use t-shirts for a quilt, but applies to quilting cotton, too! In fact, I recommend starting with quilting cotton if you’re making a quilt with a kiddo :).

Together we can find more ways to reclaim fabric
and breathe meaning, joy, and life into our sewing.

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