Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is going to look a little different for us this year. No going to church with my kids. No meeting at a state park for a family picnic with my parents. No quiet chatting with the husband while kids fall asleep on the way home. No hike, because even the weather is less than ideal!

I’m betting today is going to look different for you, too.

I wrote the following words last year as a reminder to myself that the beautiful moments of motherhood aren’t wrapped up in a single day. That I can appreciate being a mom even when I don’t feel appreciated. And I can acknowledge the hard bits, but lean into the good.

Little did I know that they’d be even more applicable this year!

So I’m posting not only last year’s words, but also an invitation to dwell on the best bits of motherhood today and to share your favorite pieces with others, most of all the people you love.

Mother’s Day 2019

What’s your favorite part of motherhood?

Why am I asking? It’s my small attempt to encourage a perspective shift (in myself and others) as the “Big Day” approaches.

Because Mother’s Day is tricky.

Much like birthdays and other “appreciation days”, it’s easy to anticipate the day with expectations of receiving certain gifts, hearing certain words, and feeling certain emotions.

Often, the day falls flat because the people in our lives don’t live up to what we want them to be saying and doing.

After all, don’t they know how much we do for them every day? How much we pour ourselves out for their happiness? Is it too much to ask to be able to sleep on for one day or not have to make dinner? Is it too much to expect a thoughtful gift or to hear words of appreciation?

And before you know it, the day is over and we’re left with a tangled mess of unmet expectations, frustration, and anger at the ones we love most (and the ones that love us most!).

So let’s do our best this year to keep the focus where it belongs on Mother’s Day- on the little loves who made us mommas.

Give yourself the gift of scooping up your baby and breathing in his hair for a moment. Of sitting down with your teenager just to chat. Of going on a slow, destination-free walk with your toddler. Of laying next to your kindergartener as she proudly stumbles through reading aloud.

Give yourself the gift of enjoying motherhood, in all its mess and glory, regardless of whether your kids and your spouse (or even you!) live up to your expectations, for just one day.

Because you are an amazing, strong woman on this beautiful (and difficult!) journey of motherhood.

You deserve to enjoy it. ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day!

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