Making Time for Faith in the Midst of Chaos

I wake up in the morning, get five kids fed and ready for church, sit in a sweltering balcony by myself with them so we don’t put on a wild show for everyone else in the sanctuary, hold Cheerios with one hand for my toddler, point to the words in the hymn for my Kindergartner with the other, bounce the baby on my knee, and use my foot to nudge one of the preteens so they’ll quit sulking and pay attention.

Just another Sunday morning. 

My pastor husband asks me after the service what I thought about the sermon.  My response is usually, “What sermon?”

Sundays are just plain rough in this phase of life.  (More on our Sunday rodeos here.) I’m not able to sit in church, soaking in Scripture, focusing on the day’s teaching, and reveling at being part of the body of Christ.  

But maybe this phase of life can serve as a reminder that being in the Word isn’t just a Sunday morning activity.  Maybe, just maybe, it can be an encouragement for dwelling in the Word during the entire week.

Therein lies the rub, though, right?  How do you find the time to drink in the Word when you barely have time to drink your morning coffee?

A while ago, an amazing group of ladies had a Facebook thread going about how to fit daily Bible reading into the hectic mom life.  I followed along, eager for a magic formula that would give me the space and time to immerse myself in Scripture on a regular basis.  Because those Sunday morning snippets weren’t cutting it.

There were some great ideas ranging from morning routines to naptime devotions to audio Bibles and devotion apps.  I found that many of the ideas revolved around organizing your day and setting up routines to fit in regular Scripture reading.  The thing for me, though, is that I found those ideas left room for me to have an excuse to push off devotions until I had the chores done.  Or if the baby had a rough night, so I overslept in the morning and our routine was off, I would push my Bible reading aside until the next day.  And then the next day. And then the next.

I found myself waiting for my life to be organized and the rhythms of of day to be running smoothly before spending time in personal devotion.

Thankfully, one comment on that Facebook thread really struck home for me and completely changed my persepctive.  A friend of mine said, “Just do it. No excuses.”

No excuses.

So I quit waiting for the perfect, quiet time to read. Quit waiting for the chores to be done, the little kids to be sleeping at the same time, the big kids to be playing together nicely, my coffee to be hot, and for the table to be cleared. And I read whatever amount of the Word I could read while holding a fussy baby with one arm and gulping down my breakfast with the other. Sometimes it’s just a few verses, sometimes the stars align and I can read for fifteen minutes. 

Over the months I’ve discovered that whatever the amount, whatever our state of mind, whatever the mess, the Word of God remains. And I can remain in it.

Routines can falter.  Rhythms can syncopate.  Sundays can be exhausting.  Life can be (and usually is!) messy. 

God meets me there anyway.  And He promises to meet you too.

Rest in His Word today, friend.

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8

Not sure where to start?  Here are some of my favorite resources for daily devotions:
  • She Reads Truth Bible – I have this Bible in soft cover and absolutely love it!
  • Visual Faith Ministry – Free, printable tools for Bible journaling and more.
  • First 5 – Short and sweet devotions paired with a Scripture reading each week day.  Read with the online community, a small group, or on your own. I do these every day with a long distance friend who keeps me accountable!
  • YouVersion Bible App – This is a great Bible app.  For all your auditory learners out there, this one will even read the Bible to you!
  • CPH Everyday Faith Calendar – Take things one verse at a time this month with Concordia Publishing House’s everyday faith calendar.
  • Sweet Blessings – Write out a verse or two each day with these free plans. My oldest daughter and I do these together during our summer mornings!

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