Full of holes, ripped to shreds in places, barely held together.

This is us.  Riddled with sin.

God sees us right where we are – sinful, worn, falling apart – and he loves us.  He love us so dearly that He sent His own Son to suffer death in our place.

He didn’t send His Son so that we might stay in our tattered condition, but that we would be renewed and restored through His love, mercy, and grace.

Our selves are carefully taken apart.  The sin in us, sifted out.  The pieces that remain, slowly brought to new life.  Sometimes with a gentle hand.  Sometimes under heat and pressure.  Always with love.

We are carefully stitched together into a new life.

A life as God’s masterpiece.  A life with Christ.  A life walking in new purpose.  A life of hope for the future.    

Project Notes on Grandma’s Clothing Quilt Remade:

  • Original Piece
    • Large quilt made many years ago out of a friend’s grandma’s clothing as she passed away (each of the grandkids received one- how sweet is that??).
    • After much use and washing, there was too much damage to mend on the original quilt.
  • My Process
    • My kids helped me cut out all of the yarn ties to isolate just the quilt top made with the clothing.
    • I carefully ripped out the stitches in each of the seams to try to preserve as much fabric as possible.
    • After sorting out the unusable pieces, I ironed and interfaced (as necessary) the pieces that were durable enough for more use.
    • I trimmed these pieces down to a uniform 5 inches, keeping the holes made from the yarn ties in the middle of the blocks.
    • There were enough blocks for a baby sized quilt in the same pattern (patchwork) as the original quilt, so I made a small quilt top.
    • I put a narrow border around the blocks before quilting for two purposes. First, to imitate the style of the original quilt which had a thick binding. Second, to help stabilize the top for quilting since there were a lot of stretchy fabrics included.
    • The old mesh backing was replaced with a durable broadcloth.
    • I stitched in the ditch to quilt the rows for added durability and also tied it with the same color yarn that was originally used. This covered back up the holes left from the ties.
  • Additional Projects
    • I really wanted to be able to include all of the clothing fabrics that were in the original quilt in some form, so I ended up taking some of the very thin cotton pieces, interfacing them, and pairing each one next to a more durable polyester to create a small patchwork pillow.
    • The pillow has a zipped backing is stuffed the rest of the pieces that were too worn to include in the projects. It also holds a bag of bigger pieces that can be used for mending down the road and a small ball of yarn in case any ties need to be replaced.

Together we can find more ways to reclaim fabric
and breathe meaning, joy, and life into our days.

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