Adventure Bag Update (plus a duffel!)

I have this idea about a line of “build your own adventure bags”.

Kids could choose different sizes, closure options, strap types, and all sorts of embellishments. Ranging from simple, inexpensive options, to larger, more complex bags. How neat would that be??

Not happening any time remotely soon in this one-woman show, but it’s fun to think about!

In the meantime, here’s a look at at how the original “adventure bag” has evolved over the past 2 1/2 years and a peek at the latest version designed by my 9 year old.

As a certain toddler of mine put it when we made our first adventure bag together, “I need a bag for adventures and rocks.” And, evidently, a bag for his puppy to ride in. He picked the fabric and helped me sew it up while the baby slept one afternoon. This simple bag has gotten a lot of use (carrying a lot of rocks and other treasures) over the past couple of years!

A while later I wanted to try to add a flap to the front. Big deal for this novice sewist. I guess I could have probably found a pattern for these bags, but winging it is my specialty, so on went a flap and adjustable strap.

After a few goes with the updated bag, I thought it would be a good idea to try the flap pocket in the middle instead and attempt some other closure options. I didn’t have velcro or anything holding the flap down, and the way kids toss things about, I was worried about their “adventure finds” falling out. So I cut the buckle off of an old strap I found (because it was faster and cheaper than heading the the store) and gave it a go.

Two years after his original bag, toddler had grown up and requested a roomier bag for his adventures. This big kid version was born!

Older sister decided she needed a bag too. But not only should it be roomy, she also wanted it to have a long adjustable strap, be convertible from backpack to crossbody bag to bike handlebar bag, have a hook closure, and have as many pockets as possible.

Oh, and with camo fabric so she can blend into the forest on hikes.

We got out our sketchpad and dreamed up a pattern together then waited a few months for the perfect fabric. I supposed we could have gone to the store to buy some, but she really wanted a pants pocket for the front flap. Plus, upcycling.

Garage sale season rolled around a friend gave us a stack of pants from her sale. Including the perfect camo cargo pants for this bag! We finally got it sewn up just in time for a spring hike and summer adventures.

Not only is it a backpack, crossbody, and bike handlebar bag (I’ll grab a picture of it on her bike next time she’s on a ride), it also acts as a pulley so her siblings can send water and snacks up to her while she reads in the tree. Ha!

Also, I don’t think any of us will ever outgrow the love of throwing rocks into water.

Oh, and the duffel bag! The same kiddo was going to horse camp for the first time this summer and had asked for a bag to use. Gave me an excuse to use the scraps from her adventure bag project and try a new pattern- the Wanderlust Duffel. Yes, this time I actually used a pattern. And only modified it a tad to be able to fit our reclaimed fabric and pockets on it. If you’re in the market for a new sewing project, Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop patterns are great!

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