Reclaimed Baptism Bonnet

A reclaimed Baptism bonnet has been in the back corner of my mind for several months now (along with a lot of other project ideas!). I was happy to have an excuse to sew one up for the annual Lutheran School Association Auction Fundraiser in Cole Camp, MO.

Because I can’t help myself, this bonnet is layered with different meanings from the types of materials used, to the hand embroidery embellishment, to the quilted lining.

I added a the card below explaining the hidden meanings in the bonnet construction, complete with the Bible verses that inspired each facet. My hope is that this bonnet will serve as a remind of the covering we have in Christ. In Him, we are all new creations.

Project Notes on Reclaimed Baptism Bonnet:

  • Pattern
  • Materials
    • Linen exterior and ties from upcycled skirt
    • Lining from upcycled alb
  • Adaptations
    • Hand embroidery added to the exterior middle panel at the base
    • Bonnet bottom edges sewn right sides together, stopping just past the curve
    • 1/2″ homemade bias tape (34″ long) used to complete the unfinished edge and create the ties- all one piece
  • Future thoughts
    • Need to find a sustainable and affordable source for white linen
    • Square off the rounded edges of the bonnet before sewing together

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