No Wasted Memories – Part 2

There was quite a bit of fabric left over from the original six shirts and two pairs of pants we used to create a keepsake memory quilt. I had been diligently storing away even the smallest piece so there would be nothing left to discard at the end.

The family asked me to also make a zippered pillow case for another family member, so I got to work organizing and trimming the remaining fabric.

The late owner of these special clothes was an avid fisherman and hunter, so we added small buck and walleye applique pieces to the pillow.

I used the rest of the fabric to make three simpler memory pillows. It took some creative piecing, but there was enough for decent sized throw pillows.

But what’s left after a small quilt, pillowcase, baby booties, and three throw pillows waiting to be stuffed? A box of trimmings and six shirt cuffs.

I used the trimmings as extra filling (along with Poly-Fil) for the throw pillows. Now all that was left were the cuffs from the shirts. There were lots of different ideas for how to use these guys (thanks IG/FB friends!). I dug through the scraps before using them as stuffing and found just enough fabric to end up with a zip pouch.

Truly no piece went to waste. A small portion of a cherished man’s closet became a baby quilt, baby booties, full sized pillow case, three throw pillows, and a zip pouch. I always wish none of these projects were necessary, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to take special textiles and turn them into tactile, functional memories for family and friends. Thank you to this family for trusting me with your treasures.

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