Blue Birds for Mom

While I’m trying to make a decision on which sewing machine to get to replace my irreparably broken companion for the last three and a half years, I thought it would be fun to share some of my Spring and Summer makes.

I’ll miss this wonderful machine!

Scrolling through my picture reel brought the realization that I haven’t shared over half of my projects from the past several months. Probably because I always feel a little tension when posting to social media. Is it necessary to share this picture? Should I just be sewing for the enjoyment of it instead of feeling the need to post the end result? What role do I want social media to play in my day to day? If I post something, will I get distracted from more important things? Am I looking to social media for positive reinforcement?

You get the picture.

So to speak.

*insert winky face*

At any rate, I took a bit of a break this summer to get my brain back on track, enjoy school-free time with our kids, and catch up on sewing projects for the family. I had promised my mom a wall hanging for Mother’s Day this year, but only got the top done before May.

Half way done is better than nothing, I guess!

This summer I finally got it finished and hung up (thanks, Dad!). I loved this project for a few reasons. First, I got to surprise her by using materials that had actually come from my mom in the first place- an old tablecloth, a pair of jeans, and a shirt of my dad’s. Second, it taught me about working within limitations. Trying to use only the materials I had on hand, I discovered the creativity that blooms when choices are restricted. The process strengthened my resolve to always start with what I have instead of running to the store (even if it’s just the thrift store) when I hit a snag.

The best part about this wall hanging, though, is that I get to see scenes like this one beside it: My mom teaching my salsa-obsessed daughter how she makes her favorite recipe. ❤️

Salsa making in the works!

Project Notes on Blue Birds for Mom:

  • Pattern and method from Shannon Brinkley
    • Find specific pattern here
    • Wall hanging size
    • Scrappy applique, raw edges method
  • Materials
    • Tablecloth from Mom’s basement
    • Light denim shirt and denim jeans discarded by Dad
    • Blue flower fabric scraps left over from previous projects
  • Adaptations
    • Working around stains on the tablecloth to cover them but still create an aesthetically pleasing design
    • Created a reversible wall hanging, using scraps on the opposite side (will take a picture soon!)
  • Future thoughts
    • Seal some of the more easily fraying raw edges with fray check
    • Play around with hanging options
    • Work within limitations more often

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