Summer Flew By Once Again

Summer flew by here as we come into the final stretch before school starts in earnest. Our days have been filled with travels, parks, walks, swimming pools, doctor appointments, a first birthday, art classes, and lots of back yard sitting (which I’m doing in this pic). ⁣

Of course, there’s been plenty of sewing too. But this spring, I happened to read some super mushy article about how you only have 18 summers with your kids, so I’ve been doing more sewing for family and took a break from sharing as much on social media.⁣

It’s been fun to regroup, try new things, get back to old things, watch my youngest learn how to walk, and listen to my oldest learn a new instrument.

Life is short. Instead of trying to jam as many things as possible into that brief span, I’m trying to enjoy everything in front of me as much as I can.⁣

Project Notes on Airplane Toes:

  • Pattern adapted from Beautiful Pie Shoe’s Soft Soled Baby Shoe
    • Find pattern here
    • 3-6 month size
  • Adaptations
    • Embroidery on toe piece, hand drawn and stitched
    • Cuff of heel piece cut in half, then 1″ added to the top before stitching just the top down for the elastic casing (reducing thickness of layers where sole attaches)
  • Materials
    • Suede cut from the sleeve of an old suit coat found at a local thrift shop
    • Sashiko weight cotton embroidery thread
  • Future thoughts
    • Make sure airplane is low enough on toe piece to make elastic threading/button holes simpler

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