Summer Days, Cicada Shells, & Baby Shoes

My plans for 8am – 12pm today went something like this:⁣

Eat breakfast, label and organize school supplies with the big kids, put baby down to nap, shower, write a few letters, get baby up from nap, ride bike to the post office to deliver said letters, eat lunch. ⁣

Instead my morning was as follows:⁣

eat breakfast⁣

get invited on a cicada shell hunt with the 6 year old⁣

discover a live cicada shedding its shell⁣

-8:45 – 11:22-
watch cicada slowly release itself and walk up the tree⁣

get baby from nap; return to discover the cicada finally took off, much to the kids’ delight⁣

eat lunch⁣

The cicada at approximately one hour into our viewing. Who knew the process took so long?!

It may not have been the most productive morning by most measures, but it was incredibly enjoyable to see the wonder and rapt attention on the kids faces. ⁣

And it was productive in the way that observing nature always is – it teaches us about the world and ourselves in endless illustrations of life.⁣

So today I learned about waiting, not rushing, as the cicada waited for just the right moment for each movement. I learned about taking steps carefully and deliberately, as the cicada thoroughly felt out each slight motion before taking full moves. I learned about shedding the old to move into the new, as the cicada left its exoskeleton behind, but not doing so too quickly.⁣

And I was reminded, yet again, that nothing can hold a kid’s attention like nature. ⁣

Summer is coming to a close all too quickly. This summer, as a cicada sheds its shell, our baby has shed infancy and become a toddler. His feet have outgrown his shoes three times already this year. He now requires leather soles for romping about and sturdy toe pieces for scuffing. Today I was reminded that he’ll be shedding his latest pair of shoes soon as he continues to grow and run away from babyhood. ⁣

Time to cherish this last week of summer and stop everything to revel in two of the beautiful intricacies of creation- cicadas and toddlers.

For those wondering, yes, I just compared my baby to a bug. I’m okay with that. 😆

Now, off to organize those school supplies!

Cutest baby feet ever. Even if they do require new shoes every three months.

Project Notes on E’s Baby Shoes:

  • Pattern adapted from Beautiful Pie Shoe’s Soft Soled Baby Shoe
    • Find pattern here
    • 12-18 month size
  • Materials
    • Leather sole cut from the cuff of an old leather jacket found at our local thrift shop
    • Inside seams finished with a zig-zag stitch and button holes used for the elastic to prevent fraying
    • 100% machine washable
  • Adaptations
    • Shoe toe pieced together from three denim scraps to include a triangle at the top center
  • Future thoughts
    • Make a paper piecing pattern to replicate this toe in all the sizes
    • Waterproof
    • Try additional color schemes

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