IMG_0258A word struck me this morning as I snuggled my babies on the couch and read them book after book.


We all crave closeness.



When I’m reading with my kids, I’m as close to them as I can possibly be.  In fact, they argue over who gets to sit in my lap next.  But it’s more than that.  Physical nearness almost necessitates emotional connection and presence.

How can I be present and connected to my kids if I’m moving us all so quickly that we’re distanced from one another physcially and emotionally because there’s no time?  No time for slowing down.   No time for just sitting and being together.  No time for closeness.

Slowing down doesn’t mean being lazy or not fulfilling your potential, as I’ve been told.  It means taking the time to be close to the most important people in your lives.  It means fostering intimacy in your relationships.  It means being there, physically and emotionally, for those who depend on you most.  Because to make this world work, we all need to depend on each other and be there for each other.  And we can’t do our part in that equation if we’re running around at breakneck speed.

Intimacy comes when we pare away all the bad (and good) unnecessary stuff in our lives to spend time with the ones we love.

Connection comes when we take the time and energy to be fully present in our conversations.  Even as our looming to-do list grows longer and longer.

Closeness comes when we make the time to slow down.  To slow down and be together.

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